Editorial photos by Lucy Broderick Photography

A man sells vegetables under a roof made out of an old satelite dish in Domboshawa, Harare, Zimbabwe
Portrait of a small scale tobacco woman farmer, carrying tobacco on her head in a tobacco field, Shamva, Zimbabwe
Victory.  21 November 2017. A Zimbabwean Man celebrates his freedom after Mugabe's resignation outside his old office
A cow drawing a homemade trailer rests under the shade of a red flamboyant tree, Shamva, Zimbabwe
View of Harare at sunset taken from Joina Centre showing the Reserve Bank and the Post Office.
A National Parks Ranger strips and cleans his weapon during an anti poaching course, Mkanga, Dande, Zimbabwe.
Children celebrate on top of a car after Mugabe's resignation at night outside his Harare office on 21 Novemver 2017.
View of the "Colour Spekes" project and Joina Centre Harare.  Speke Ave was painted with bright designs. Urban Renewal.
Selfie.  A young couple take a selfie to celebrate the resignation of Mugabe outside his Harare Office. 21 November 2017

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