Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for The Fine Art Print Store

The Fine Art Print Store won't load

The Fine Art Print Store is set up to open in a new window. Depending on what device you are on it may be treated as a pop up window. If your settings prevent pop up's the window may not load. Try right clicking on the link and "open in new tab or window" or enable pop up's.

How do I make an International Order?

At checkout, fill out your address details and choose your country.

How do I make an International Payment?

All prices on the Fine Art Store are in USD. Due to the economic crisis in Zimbabwe, I am unable to set up International Card Payments at this time. However you can still purchase a print by using a very reliable service called World Remit. You can read more about World Remit at Go ahead and make your order and make sure all your contact details are correct. I will then contact you directly. I will have to get a custom quote for shipping to you. Once I have this I will give you the final total and instructions for paying through World Remit. If you have any more queries about this or need an alternative to World Remit don't hesitate to get in touch through my contact form.

How do you ship internationally?

International shipping will be done via Fedex.

How do I make a local order and payment? (Zimbabwe)

All prices on the Fine Art Store are in USD. If you are in Harare, fill out the form with your correct contact details. I will contact you and we will make a plan to meet up for payment. If you are not in Harare we will make another plan.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes! You can purchase Gift Cards for use on the Fine Art Print Store. You can also team up with friends to buy Gift Cards towards a Fine Art Print. Contact me to purchase a Gift Card.

What Paper do you use for Fine Art Prints?

Fine Art Prints are printed on Professional Smooth Matte Photo Paper.

Can I get a digital copy?

At this stage no digital copies are available, only prints are for sale on the Fine Art Print Store.

Do you provide frames?

At this stage I do not provide frames. Framing is very personal and it's best if you choose something that goes with the decor in your house or office.